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What Hiring a Rug Cleaning Expert is the Right Choice

If you’re concerned about maintaining a clean, healthy home, getting your rugs cleaned by a professional is vitally important. Even if your rugs don’t look visibly dirty, getting them professionally cleaned will still have a dramatic effect on the overall health of your home. Rugs, carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces work together to constantly filter contaminants out of your home’s air. Things like dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens naturally get trapped inside the fibers of your rugs and soft surfaces, which prevents them from being inhaled by you and your family. If you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in your home, removing allergens from the air is even more important.

If your rugs aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, their fibers will become overly full of contaminants and will begin to fray and split open. Because they’re saturated with contaminants already, your rugs won’t be able to filter anything else out of the air, and all those allergens and bacteria will be left to circulate through your home’s air.

Green Team Chem-Dry’s team of rug cleaning experts will give your rugs a deep, long-lasting clean that will make them look vibrant and new and remove contaminants from within their fibers. We use a unique rug cleaning process called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) which is specially designed to clean for your health. The carbonation enters your rug and lifts dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria to the surface of your rugs, where we can easily extract it all. HCE uses a fraction of the water that typical steam cleaning services use, so your rugs will dry in just a fraction of the time.

Our rug cleaning process and products are tough enough to get rid of contaminants but gentle enough that they won’t do any damage to the dyes or structure of your rug. Our goal is to clean for your health and leave you with a more beautiful home. Our primary rug cleaning solution is all-natural, green-certified, and non-toxic. It’s made of all-natural ingredients and is safe to use in homes with kids and pets. Because it’s all-natural and doesn’t contain any soaps or harsh chemicals, you won’t be left with a sticky, dirt-attracting residue on the surface of your rugs like you would with other common cleaning solutions.

Green Team Chem-Dry cleans all types of rugs, from expensive, delicate Oriental and Persian rugs to more common rugs made out of wool, cotton, silk, synthetic materials, or other fabrics. Area rugs can be a pretty big investment and our technicians are dedicated to cleaning them with care and attention to detail, so you’re left with a deep, long-lasting clean and gorgeous, vibrant rugs.

Before your Green Team Chem-Dry technician arrives, we suggest you prepare for cleaning by removing all clutter and furniture from the rugs, checking for stains or special concerns, stowing your pets in a closed room, and clearing a path to the front door so our technicians can easily bring in all the necessary equipment.