Reduce Spring Allergies with Professional Carpet CleaningWith the weather getting warmer, you may be enjoying the outdoors, but we can guarantee you’re getting fed-up with your allergies! Many people suffer from spring allergies every year, and they resort to taking reactive steps like filling up on allergy medicine to help combat their symptoms. But, precautionary steps to avoid allergies in the first place are often neglected.

Professional carpet cleaning in Gastonia, NC is a very effective and simple way to eliminate allergens and dust in your home before your allergies kick in. Keep reading to learn about how we can save you from allergies this season!

A Clean, Healthy Home = Fewer Allergies

Allergies can have a significant impact on you and your family. While you may not be able to prevent every sneeze or cough, you can take steps toward creating a healthier home environment this spring. Carpets pick up everything and can even hold 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Bacteria and germs hiding in carpet fibers are not killed by vacuuming alone and should be cleaned by a professional three times a year. If not, these contaminants will build up and create the perfect catalyst for annoying seasonal allergies.

Keep in mind that your family is transitioning between spending more time indoors during the winter months to now going outside to enjoy the warmer weather. This means more walks around the block or lunches outdoors, but it also means more pollen and allergens being tracked in your home from shoes, your pet’s paws, or even just from leaving the windows open. Regular carpet cleaning in Gastonia, NC with Green Team Chem-Dry can help keep germs off of the carpet in your home, thus protecting your family and helping to prevent allergies.

In fact, with our carpet cleaning in Gastonia, NC we can remove 98% of allergens from carpets and upholstery plus 89% of associated airborne bacteria* according to our Home Health Study. This means we are your best bet when it comes to removing allergens and bacteria from your home this spring!

Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gastonia, NC

Give your time and effort to filling your family’s calendar with spring events instead of dealing with itchy eyes and runny nose— leave carpet cleaning in Gastonia, NC to us this season! We look forward to helping you create a healthy home environment this spring.

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