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I was very happy with the quality of Green Team Chem-Dry work. I highly recommend them.v

Maria November 8, 2018

They did better than expected, my first time getting someone to clean my grout, they did an amazing job!

Christy O. November 8, 2018

I had been talking about getting rid of both my old and filthy couch and rug. They were very stained and no longer presentable, the couch had even been covered with a sheet for a few years. Well, the sheet is off now! The couch looks super fresh and is beige again! As for the rug, it is literally as good as new. Brilliant job and great customer service. Chem-Dry, you're definitely cleaning my carpet when I move out!

Julie D. July 24, 2018

Great service and the red wine stains on the carpet come out! happy days

Michael K. July 20, 2018

Fantastic service and a great job. Prompt, professional and caring. Environmentally green too. Would definitely use again.

Pats K. July 19, 2018

Best results and lovely couple! Now I feel that we have a new & healthy apartment. So glad we did it!

Marlene S. July 6, 2018