How & Where to Use Common Household CleanersWhen it comes to household cleaners, there are many different kinds and it can be hard to choose which ones to use! Here are a few staples to keep in your home cleaning kit, as well as our recommendations for where they should and shouldn’t be used. We’re the experts at carpet cleaning in Granite Falls, NC and we know how to keep your home clean!

All-Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners normally come in either a liquid or powder form and can be diluted with water if needed. All-purpose cleaners work well on countertops, tile, appliances, and linoleum or laminate floors. However, avoid using all-purpose cleaners on steel appliances and hardwood floors. For tougher areas with mildew, mold, or stains, try a stronger specialty cleaner rather than an all-purpose formula.


It’s a common misunderstanding that all household cleaners contain disinfecting properties, but this is not the case! When cleaning germ hotspots like the countertops, tubs, kitchen sinks, or door handles, make sure to use a cleaner that kills bacteria. In other words, use a special disinfectant or use an all-purpose cleaner (just make sure it’s listed on the label to kill germs). Also, follow instructions to see if it’s required to let the cleaner sit to properly disinfect the area.

DIY Cleaners

Homemade or DIY cleaners are popular among people looking for cost-effective, more natural cleaning solutions. They’re typically made with a combination of water, lemon, or vinegar, and their acidic nature makes them effective at breaking down grease, soap scum, and hard water stains.

These types of cleaners are generally safe to use on tile, tubs, and showers but they can dull the appearance of natural stone (limestone, marble, granite, etc). Homemade cleaners also shouldn’t be used on knives, wood, or grout since they can eat away at these finishes.

Specialty Cleaners

Many different kinds of cleaners are specifically designed to be applied to certain surfaces—like bathrooms, kitchens, glass, stainless steel, and hardwood floors. The chemical makeup of specialty cleaners is made to target things like hard water, mineral build-up, and bacteria in a way that’s safe for certain surfaces.

There are also specialty cleaners available for carpet and upholstery that should be used with caution and limited amounts of moisture. Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Granite Falls, NC will be able to offer the right recommendations for you.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Granite Falls, NC

Green Team Chem-Dry can clean a variety of surfaces in your home with our cleaning products and services. As your local experts and carpet cleaning in Granite Falls, NC we make sure your home is cleaner and healthier by removing harmful allergens and bacteria and giving your carpet and upholstery a fantastic clean!

Don’t forget to book your appointment for carpet cleaning in Granite Falls, NC.  

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