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Prep for the Back-to-School Season With These Expert Tips

Aug 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Prep for the Back-to-School Season With These Expert Tips

The end of summer can be an extremely stressful time— school is starting, schedules are getting back on track, and you’re preparing to get your family ready for these changes. There is so much to keep track of like kid’s homework and chores, meal plans, keeping your home tidy, and making sure your family is healthy and happy.

Here are our expert tips at Green Team Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Lenoir, NC for dealing with this hectic time and making it go more smoothly!

Get Your Kids Ready for School Faster

The key to getting your kids ready for school and out to the school bus in a timely manner is all about preparing and organization! Clean out your kids’ closest and remove any clothes that don’t fit to make choosing clothes easier. You can also organize their clothes by type (uniforms, play clothes, sports, etc) to further narrow down their selection in the morning. Give each child a bin for their personal items so they don’t get lost and have to search for them in the morning before school.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Because kids come in contact with so many kids and surfaces at school, it’s no surprise that sickness occurs. Plus, fall is notorious for being allergy season, so it’s the perfect storm of dirt and dust. We suggest giving each child a small pack of hand wipes for their backpack and encourage them to wash their hands often.

Make sure your home and surfaces like your upholsterycarpetstile, and wood floors are regularly cleaned. We suggest getting a professional carpet cleaning in Lenoir, NC as soon as summer ends to remove all the dust and dirt that has built up on your carpets over the season.

Don’t Forget About Extracurricular Activities

With your family’s busy schedule, it can be easy to forget about sporting games, extracurricular activities, and other events. To keep this from happening hang a family calendar in a place everyone can see like your fridge or by your garage door.

You can assign each family member a color so they know which activities are theirs, and have them or yourself write down activities, meetings, and other events in the calendar as soon as you find out about them.

Enlist the Help of Professionals

The back-to-school season can be difficult, so don’t worry if you need professional help! Meal delivery services, educational tutors, companies for carpet cleaning in Lenoir, NC, and more are here to assist you!

Get a carpet cleaning in Lenoir, NC today with Green Team Chem-Dry! 

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