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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Jan 5, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, Uncategorized

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Being professional carpet cleaners in Hickory and Gastonia, NC, we’ve had the opportunity to encounter a wide range of carpets. However, along the way, we’ve also come across several carpet mistakes made by homeowners. Allow us to enlighten you on the top four mistakes to avoid, ensuring that your carpets remain in pristine condition.

Not vacuuming often enough.

Vacuuming is a crucial task in maintaining a clean home, but have you ever wondered about its importance and frequency? Let’s delve into the reasons behind the significance of regular vacuuming and how often it should be done.

Regularly vacuuming your carpets is essential for effectively removing dirt and grime. If left unattended, this accumulated dirt can cause damage by wearing down the carpet fibers. Additionally, carpets act as filters, trapping dirt and dust from the air and preventing it from circulating in your home. However, if they become too saturated with dirt, their ability to effectively trap dirt diminishes, which can potentially worsen your indoor air quality instead of improving it. Prioritizing regular vacuuming not only helps maintain clean and healthy carpets but also safeguards the air quality in your home.

We recommend vacuuming all carpets in your home weekly at a minimum. If you have pets, or children, or wear shoes in the home, you likely need to vacuum more frequently to keep your carpets clean.

Not Giving High-traffic Areas Adequate Protection

Consider the paths you traverse in your home throughout the day. Undoubtedly, certain areas like hallways, the entryway, and spaces in front of furniture are frequented more frequently than others. These high-traffic zones demand special attention to withstand the wear and tear they endure. One effective method to prolong their longevity is by incorporating rugs. If you already possess a rug, ensure to periodically rotate it to distribute the usage evenly. By implementing these measures, you can effectively safeguard and preserve the integrity of these heavily frequented areas.

If a rug isn’t an option, be sure to vacuum these areas regularly. We also offer a carpet protectant which adds a protective coating to your carpet, helping it withstand the stains that high traffic areas are more likely to see.

Scrubbing At Spots And Stains

When you accidentally spill something on your carpet, your initial reaction might be to grab a towel and vigorously scrub away. However, this approach can often backfire, as it tends to rub the stain in and cause it to spread further. Instead, it is advisable to gently dab at the stains to remove the liquid. Additionally, it is important to use a white rag, as colored towels or patterned paper towels may transfer dye to the carpet, exacerbating the problem. By following these steps, you can effectively address carpet stains while minimizing the risk of making matters worse.

If you cannot remove the stain with gentle blotting, your safest course of action is to call professional carpet cleaners in Hickory, like Green Team Chem-Dry. We have seen DIY stain removal methods go wrong way too often, resulting in carpet damage and worse stains. This is something to leave to the professionals if you want your carpet to look nice.

Forgoing Professional Cleanings

Regular vacuuming and quick spill clean-ups may seem like sufficient carpet care, but unfortunately, your vacuum can only tackle the surface layer. Over time, dirt and dust escape the suction, settling near the carpet backing and leading to a matted texture, lackluster appearance, and noticeable traffic lines. To truly eliminate this embedded grime from the depths of your carpets, a professional cleaning service is necessary. Even if your carpets appear clean, you’ll be amazed at the remarkable improvement in both their appearance and texture after a thorough cleaning.

Are you making any of the above cleaning mistakes? Our professional carpet cleaning team in Hickory and surrounding areas like Lenoir, Gastonia, and Mooresville can help you avoid additional damage to your carpet and increase its longevity. Give us a call at (828) 979-3338 today to get started!

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